May Day! May Day!

“May Day” has several connotations. I’ll tell you which ones apply to today’s blog and the one that doesn’t.

First, May Day — or more commonly, mayday — is a distress signal. I have been distressed of late. This accounts for this site being so quiet for the last few days, even though some very noteworthy items have hit the news. Nothing to be concerned about, just too much action — especially with the coming State of California Water Treatment Operator exam on May 21.

And speaking of that, I have a couple of important announcements regarding the exam. As in the past, Followers of this blog can receive a free sample exam to assist in their preparation for the State exam. Just send me an e-mail at if you are interested. This applies only to Followers. If you are not a Follower, just click on the button to the left of the screen that says “Follow”! It’s not a spam or phishing ploy. If you ever have a problem with that, please let me know, because Google is very aggressive in dealing with such behavior.

The other announcement regarding the State exam is that I will be teaching a two-day exam prep course in Santa Clarita on May 9 and 10. You can get additional information and sign up by phoning 1-800-886-9717, or visiting the following:

May Day — or May 1 — is also the most important date on the water calendar in California, as it is the date for the final snow survey of the season. After analyzing the results of this survey, the California Department of Water Resources will determine what final percentage of water requests — or “allocation” — will be established for the rest of the year. We are at 80 percent right now, which is the highest in at least five years, and I expect it will creep higher. But we’ll let you know here as soon as we find out.

The May Pole shown in today’s photo I believe is something of a celebration of the coming of Summer. Summer for water folks means higher demands and higher electrical costs. We’ll keep you “posted” on those topics, too.

The last meaning of May Day of which I am aware is that this is a very big holiday in Communist circles. This meaning definitely does NOT apply here!

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