McLean Water Training Blog: One Year Anniversary

Yes, it’s true. One full year of blogging here at Training for Water System Operators. With 193 posts in 365 days, we’ve averaged more than one every other day.

Thanks again to those of you who encouraged me to begin this endeavor, to those of you who have signed on as Followers, and to those of you who have submitted comments and suggestions and ideas. I appreciate all of your support.

I would like to give you a financial report, too. Your clicking on sponsor ads is my only revenue for this venture — which takes about an hour each post. To date, Google has sent me $109.94. That’s the total, folks, for the whole year. So I’m “keeping the day job” for the time being! As always, I encourage you to click on our sponsors’ links. Perhaps someday I’ll reach minimum wage levels!

But I didn’t start doing this for the cash. I am doing this for two main reasons. The first is to provide Water System Operators with another source of technical information for your continuing education and professional development. The second is to provide Water Professionals as well as other readers another perspective on drinking water, science, and environmental topics. I hope that in this latter case, I have provided you with a reasoned and informed view of subjects that I felt were inadequately addressed in traditional print media.

In addition to the clicks on sponsors, I have three more requests of you:

First, please become a Follower, if you are not on our list already. There is no cost, no obligation, no downside — but truthfully, there is no real benefit either! I know that visits to this blog are increasing, but the number of official Followers hasn’t gone up much lately. So, show your faces and become “official!”

Secondly, please share this site with your friends and colleagues. And get them to sign on as Followers, too.

Finally, please comment on the blogs. I really appreciate the feedback, even if you don’t agree with my position on a topic. If I get something wrong or if you have more to add — or even if you just want to say “Amen” or “Ditto” — please post a comment.

Again, thanks to all for your support. And I hope to be writing a second anniversary report to you, one year from today.

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