MOST is sure happy so many of you have “Fallen” for us.

We’re new to this world of blogs, so we’re not sure if these numbers are impressive or not.  But we thought we would share them with you, because we are pretty proud of them.  MOST has been at this for just under three years now, and we have posted over 400 blog entries.  (How many were worthwhile may be an entirely different story!)  Our intent was to serve water system operators here in California, but we are honored to have been visited by folks in many states, plus readers from many other countries too.  The total number of certified Operators in California is about 40,000.  And our old web site — which we stopped posting on about a year and a half ago — just passed the 40,000 visitor mark.

The new site,, just passed the 5,000 visitor mark, and we now have over 100 Subscribers.  Many of you have taken advantage of the one-hour, online courses that we offer at our new site — which is exactly why we moved.

Our thanks to all of you for sticking with us, and we hope to report on some even more impressive milestones later on.

And best of luck to those of you taking the Water Treatment Operator certification exam on Saturday!

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  1. avatar Chris Davis-Chaffin says:

    I always visit this site every day. Such a wealth of material…thank you MOST for making this possible!

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