Monday Morning Quarterback

The Water Treatment Operator certification exam is finally over.  But will you be taking it again in six months?  And if so, how will you get the points that you missed this time?  Let’s play Monday Morning Quarterback on the exam.

What surprised you the most on the exam?  Did you have enough time, or did you feel rushed?  Did the practice exam from MOST help?  What would you do differently next time?

MOST is hoping that each of you passed, and that the only reason you will be coming back to us is (1) you need to advance to the next grade; or (2) you need continuing education/contact hours to renew your certification; or (3) you just love these blogs; or (4) all of the above.

MOST is also hoping that you will share your experience with us — by sending us an e-mail — or with all our readers — by commenting to this post.

MOST also would like to know what questions were asked, so that we can update and fine-tune our sample exams.  The Department of Public Health does not want you to share specific questions, and we get that, loud and clear.  But we would appreciate general guidance from you as to which topics got the most attention, and which questions gave you the most difficulty.

Yes the exam is over, but a little Monday Morning Quarterback action may help you — or some other MOST Subscriber — to a winning hand on the next certification exam.  Thanks in advance for your help.  And try to relax over the next six weeks while you wait for the official results to come in.  Here’s hoping for a happy new year for our MOST Subscribers when they receive the good news from CDPH.

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