MOST Mid-June Status Report

MOST is on YouTube! And we have videos to help you get ready for the Water Treatment certification exam!

As we warned in our last post, we have been off-line for a while.  Our apologies, as we know how much your days depend on the MOST blog!  The site was very active in our absence, with nearly 1500 comments posted.  We deleted every single one.  One issue that we did not anticipate when we opened this site is this level of “spam.”  Much of it has been from foreign countries, so we’re a little concerned that MOST might be under scrutiny by the NSA!  If we go off-line again for an extended period, perhaps you can reach us at Gitmo!

We were very pleased at the traffic we had at our YouTube site leading up to the last certification exam.  We just reached the 10,000 visit level.  Not quite “Gangnam Style” viral, but a nice achievement nonetheless.  And thank you to all of you who have subscribed to our YouTube site.

In other news, our old BlogSpot site is about to pass the 50,000 visit level — despite no new posts in nearly two years.  You can see — and search! — all of those posts, plus two more years of posts, here at MOST.

There is one serious deadline approaching for those of you planning on taking the September 21 Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California.  Your application needs to be postmarked by July 1.  You can find the application at the Department of Public Health’s web site.  Go to the following link, and then scroll way down to the bottom of the page for the “Distribution Exam Application”:

That’s the MOST Mid-June status report.  We’ve got to start packing for Gitmo now.


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