MOST Milestones for 2012

Another MOST Milestone: Our Sierra Water Supply Survey!

This year has seen us pass a few milestones here at MOST.  As this will be our final post of 2012, we will recap a few these MOST milestones for 2012.

We just passed the 5,000 visits mark on our YouTube site!  We’re still a bit short of “Gangnam Style,” but we’re pretty proud of that anyway.   We added a few more short videos this year, and more are on the way in 2013.  Stay tuned!

We passed the 40,000 visitor mark on our old Blogspot site, despite having no new posts there for the past year and a half.  (All posts since then have been at the new MOST site.)

We passed the 5,000 visitor mark here at MOST, and now have 111 Subscribers.  And many of those Subscribers have taken some of our online continuing education/contact hour courses.  Our slides are now standard curriculum for water programs in California Community Colleges.  So folks are recognizing not just the convenience and economy of our online courses, they are also recognizing the quality of the information presented.

That quality is a direct result of another milestone:  this year marks 40 years since we got our first job in the water industry, serving as a laboratory assistant for the Lopez Water Treatment Plant in San Luis Obispo County, California.  Our work there and in our subsequent assignments as water plant operator, design engineer, researcher, plant manager, and teacher have afforded us a bounty of experience that you won’t find in any other setting — in live classes or online.

Finally, our thanks to all of you who have made MOST a success, and we ask for your continuing support through the new year.  May you all have a great 2013!

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