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It’s less than two weeks until the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California.  Perhaps you’re getting a little nervous, especially since the exam is about 50 percent longer now, and the pass rate was only about 50 percent before?  If you are a mental wreck when you walk into the exam, your chances for passing are poor!  So what do you do to calm yourself down?  Practice!

That’s right.  Just like anything else you attempt, the more times you do it in practice, the more likely you are to succeed when it counts.  So how best to practice?  If you’ve been with this site for a while, you’ve already heard some of our recommendations.  You might enter “certification exams” in the “Search” box down in the lower left hand corner of this screen for some of these tips.

Today, though, we would like to point you to two things you will find at MOST — and they’re both free!  The first is that any Subscriber to MOST can request a free sample exam.  Just hit the Contact button on the top of the page, and tell us which grade you’re taking on September 15.

The second avenue of exam support we supply is via YouTube.  We have at least ten short videos there, and several of them are perfect ways to quiz yourself for the State exam.  We especially recommend our three “Top Ten” quizzes: Top Ten Distribution Exam Questions, Top Ten Chlorination Questions, and Top Ten Wrong Answers.  Just click on the YouTube icon at the bottom of the MOST home page and you’ll go right to these videos.

We are always busy in the last two weeks leading up to exam day, so we once again ask for your patience if you request a sample exam or anything else.  Our best advice to you is this: don’t procrastinate!  If you think of something you want from MOST, ask us very soon!  And good luck on the State exam!

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    D-5 practice exam

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