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It has been a while since we added a new course to the MOST site, but this drought is over — unlike the real drought here in California.  We had a chance to “fine-tune” this one a bit in some recent live sessions, and we needed it for part of the curriculum for our Advanced Water Distribution course at College of the Canyons that begins this week.  So here it is!

The new course is the eighth in our Water Quality video series — WQ-8 — and the title is “General Source Water Characteristics.”  In this one-hour video, we explain the difference between “pure” water and “potable” water, and other basic aspects of assessing water quality.  We then explore the general characteristics of our two main sources of water: surface water and groundwater.

Our old nemesis, the pathogen, rears his ugly head once again, and we find that he’s much more likely to show up in surface sources rather than in groundwater.  And groundwater’s secret for eluding the pathogen is exposed!

We hope you will consider devoting an hour of your time to watching our WQ-8 video, if you find yourself an hour — or perhaps a few hours — short of the continuing education/contact hours that you need to renew your Water Distribution or Water Treatment Operator certification.  Remember that MOST is listed as an approved provider of such training by the California Department of Public Health.  And we are the MOST economical and MOST

Could there be pathogens lurking in this surface water?

Could there be pathogens lurking in this surface water?

convenient way to get those continuing education/contact hours.

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