Name This Body of Water

You folks have given me no end of grief for asking you to identify a few bodies of water in past blogs. “Too easy,” you said. Well, guess this one!
In addition to this photo, I’ll give you a few hints.
This lake is in California, and I visited it on my “fact-finding mission” to the Sierras last May.
It is not a natural lake. The dam that forms this lake originally was built in 1901, but underwent an extensive modification which was completed in 1910.
The primary purpose of the lake is storing water for hydroelectric power generation, although it is heavily used for recreation. Water supply is not a major purpose for this lake.
The lake and surrounding recreation areas are managed jointly by the United States Forest Service and the California Land Management offices.
That’s about all I know about it. So let’s see if you folks can name this body of water! Submit your guess by comment to this blog, or by e-mail to me at
Answer coming soon — no later than Monday. Have a great weekend.

2 Responses to Name This Body of Water

  1. avatar Tom says:

    I'm going to say Bass Lake – I've never been there but a friend frequents it.

  2. avatar Steve McLean says:

    It seems Tom can recognize EVERY body of water! Bass Lake is correct! I'm going to have to find a grainy snap shot of some little creek somewhere to stump Tom!

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