New Water Math Course Available!

We have just completed MOST Course WM-2 on Area Calculations, and it is now available here.  Like all our other courses, it is about one hour long, is completely online, and costs only $10.  We still provide the MOST economical and MOST convenient way to get those continuing education hours that you need to renew your Water System Operator certification — or to prepare for that next certification exam.

We are hoping to complete the final Water Math course in the next week or two, to assist those of you preparing for the Water Distribution Operator exam here in California on March 17.  (If you’re Irish, you have to like your chances on St. Patrick’s Day!)  An important feature of all our courses here at MOST is that you can repeat the course as many times as you like, and never pay for it — your initial $10 fee gets you unlimited access for a full year.  That’s especially helpful for the water math courses, where you can review the solutions to at least a dozen problems in each course, building your skill and confidence levels so you can pass that certification exam next time!

With the Distribution exam coming up, our next phase of course offerings following the completion of our Water Math group will be in the Water Distribution category.  Look for those in the next month or two leading up to the March 17 exam.

Please let us know what MOST can do to assist you in exam preparation and continuing education.

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