New Year’s Day: Looking Forward and Back

King's River, May 2011.  Let's hope it looks this way again in 2014!

King’s River, May 2011. Let’s hope it looks this way again in 2014!

There’s something meaningful to MOST of us about New Year’s Day.  It is a time of reflection on the things that occurred during the past year, and a time of planning for the year to come.  And that applies to our careers in the Water industry as well.

Looking back on the last certification exam, we congratulate Steve C., Ulises J., Victor B., Leon K., and David E. for passing their Water Treatment Operator exams this past November!  We always ask that you let us know how you fared on the certification exams, so we thank these gentlemen as well as congratulating them.  So far, our MOST record is intact: everyone who has contacted us has passed!  We are proud of our record of giving you the MOST relevant information in the MOST appropriate format, so that you will be MOST successful on your certification exams.

Looking forward to the next round of exams, don’t forget the January 2 deadline to submit your application for the March 15 Water Distribution Operator certification exam.  And don’t forget to prepare properly — let that be your first New Year’s resolution!  Let us suggest to you our MOST Water Math DVD.  For $50 you will receive all nine of our Water Math courses, with over ten hours of video instruction, and over 100 examples of typical Water Math problems worked out step-by-step.  Fear those Water Math problems no longer!  If you want to master those problems, just “Contact” MOST, and we’ll send you the ordering information.

One last thing looking forward: please pray for an end to the drought in the western USA.  We’d like to see the King’s River and our other streams flowing like they did a few years ago, as seen in today’s photo.

Happy New Year from MOST!

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  1. avatar Steve McLean says:

    We just heard from Gabe P., and he says he passed his T3. So we can add another success to our MOST list! Please add a comment if you passed too — or even if you didn’t pass.

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