Now on YouTube: Total Coliform Rule Questions

The Water Treatment Operator certification exam is just over three weeks away here in California.  In our last few posts, we have shown you various ways that MOST can help you prepare.  And we’ve just added another way with a new video on YouTube.

Our latest addition is the Top Eleven certification exam questions you might anticipate that are based on the Total Coliform Rule.  (Yes, we “turned it up to 11” for this video!)  There is a myriad of water quality regulations, but the two that are most relevant to Water Treatment Operators and Water Distribution Operators are the Total Coliform Rule and the Surface Water Treatment Rule.  In short, if you don’t know what’s going on with these regulations, your chances of passing the certification exam are poor!

In this short YouTube video we show you some typical exam questions on the Total Coliform Rule.  If you find that you have trouble answering these, then MOST can help you even further: just take our WQ-5 course here at MOST.  Invest $10 and one hour of your time, and you’ll be prepared for all of the Total Coliform Rule questions that may come your way on November 16.

If you are a real novice when it comes to lab work and microbiology, you might consider taking WQ-4 first.  That is our Microbiology for Operators course that explains many of the underlying basic principles that you need to appreciate to fully comprehend the Total Coliform Rule.  After taking these two MOST courses, you should feel very confident with everything microbiological on the certification exam.

So enjoy our latest YouTube installment.  And be prepared for the Total Coliform Rule questions on the certification exam.

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