NRDC: Two Weeks is Too Long

Well, that didn’t take long.
Today’s LA Daily News has a report attributed to the Associated Press that says our old pals at the National Resources Defense Council are at it again. (I couldn’t find the story on the AP’s web site, but LADN reports it on page A4 today.)
Yesterday, we praised the federal court for allowing much needed storm flows of water in the Sacramento River Delta to be diverted for 14 days into the State Water Project and the federal Central Valley Project. That’s right: the source for half of the water used by cities and farms in California – the Delta – needed a federal judge to step in to allow them to pump for two weeks – out of the entire year!
Not nearly good enough for the NRDC and their cohorts on this latest legal action, Earthjustice. No, these folks think two weeks out of the year is too much.
Their contention is that unbridled storm flows of near-flooding rates are needed to protect winter-run Chinook salmon. My fearless prediction: when our 14 days of pumping are done, NRDC will contend some other species needs protection – and soon after, yet another species. I’m certain they have a 365-day anti-pumping plan.
You would think the NRDC would be first in line to support the Peripheral Canal, so as to prevent the flow alterations in the Delta that confuse migratory fish. But no. Their game plan is NOT to protect the environment – that’s only their cover story. Their real aim is to prevent ANY water from being diverted to cities and farms. In that manner they can achieve their ultimate objective: stop population growth in the Golden State.
These hypocrites need to be stopped. They are major factors in the collapse of the California economy through their remarkably successful efforts to deny essential water to the State’s biggest industry, agriculture.
I believe that most Californians would be alarmed to realize that the life-blood of the State is being taken away by so-called environmentalists. Two weeks out of the year is all we get? And that’s not enough for the NRDC.

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