One More YouTube Video Before Exam Day

Can you find the detention time in a flocculation basin?

Can you find the detention time in a flocculation basin?

Subscriber Andy was working on his free MOST Practice Exam, getting ready for tomorrow’s Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  He encountered difficulty in solving one of the math problems, and did the right thing: he contacted MOST.  And we figured the best way to answer his question was with a new YouTube video.

The math problem in question asks you to find the detention time in a treatment process.  Does that sound like a question you might encounter on the State exam?  It sure does to MOST!  So we decided to go with the video as we figured there are probably lots of you out there besides Andy that could do with a nice, step-by-step look at solving a typical water math problem.  If you agree, you can find it here:

If you like our approach to water math, you might want to try out our one-hour courses here at MOST.  We use the same approach that you see in this YouTube video in each of our nine Water Math courses.  And in a full hour, we provide at least ten sample problems, worked out step-by-step.  Each course costs only $10, and you can replay it as many times as you want for a full year after purchase.

Don’t let water math be the part of the exam that intimidates you.  You can solve these problems!  Like Andy, you might just need a little help from MOST.

Good luck on the exam tomorrow!

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