Operator Certification Deadlines

There are two very important dates coming up for Water Operators in California.  September 1 is the deadline to apply for the next Water Treatment Operator Certification exam.  Your application must be complete and postmarked no later than that date if you wish to take the next exam on November 17.  And if you don’t make that deadline, remember that the exams are six months apart — you won’t get another chance until next May!

If you have signed up for the next Water Distribution Operator certification exam, you should be getting your final notice in the mail for your location for the exam on September 15.  You should also note that this is just five weeks away!  You need to get a little studying in starting this weekend.

You should also note that there will be significant changes to the September 15 exams over those past.  Make certain you get a look at the revised information on the Department of Public Health web site at:


The biggest change is that the test will be considerably longer — with about 50% more questions — but the time allotted will remain the same at 3 hours.  The new test will be far more challenging than those of the past for this reason alone!  We are anticipating that the questions will be similar, but there is no guarantee of that either.

MOST is ready to help you prepare in a couple of key ways.  We have a variety of one-hour courses in relevant topics for you to explore.  We especially recommend Water Quality courses WQ-4 and WQ-5, as there will be lots of questions on Disinfection and the Total Coliform Rule, no matter which grade exam you are taking.  If you are taking the D4 or D5, we also recommend our Chloramination course, WT-7.

But the majority of folks taking the test are most concerned about math.  MOST has two ways to assist you with this topic.  First, for only $10 each, you can individually try our online water math courses if there are just a topic or two of concern to you.  Second, you can purchase a DVD of all nine of our water math courses for $100.

Another way MOST can assist you is with practice exams.  We’re still building new ones to match the new format from DPH, but we should have something for you by September 1.  And you can obtain a sample exam in either of two ways: (1) purchase one for $40; or (2) get one for free.  Just “Contact” us and let us know which you would like.

If you selected option number two, there is a catch: you need to “Subscribe to Updates” at our web site.  Being a Subscriber is absolutely free!  And as a Subscriber, you will have ready access to the MOST relevant blog you will find for Water System Operators, plus all those convenient online continuing education courses.

We will be on vacation for the next week, so please be patient if you do Contact us.  You can still purchase online courses while we’re away, but we won’t be able to offer you any technical support during this time.  (Despite our use of plural pronouns, we are just a one-person operation!)

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  1. avatar Smurph says:

    Dear MOST,

    I am interested in a free sample exam. I am taking the D5 in September, and would like a high level exam if possible. I am also intersted in purchasing a high level exam as soon as you build a new one!!! I am really enjoying your updates! THANKS!! S.

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