Pass the State Exam!

Believe it or not, this guy can help you pass the State exam!

Believe it or not, this guy can help you pass the State exam!

With just over one week to go until the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California, it’s panic time for some of you!  What can you do make sure that you pass the State exam on May 18?  Here’s a suggestion from Subscriber Dan:

“Thanks to the preparation I received from taking the MOST D1 – D2 practice exam, I felt very confident going into my distribution exam.  I received the “good”
letter for passing the D2 just two weeks ago and I would suggest that anyone
having difficulty with math or water quality to take a look at some of the
mini-courses MOST has here to offer.”

Thanks, Dan!  We firmly believe that this is great advice (although we might be slightly biased), given the feedback from Dan and dozens of others who have let MOST help them pass the state exam.

But there is only one week left!  What can be done?  Our top recommendation is that you take us up on our free offer of a practice exam, just like Dan did.  Just become a Subscriber to MOST (if you’re not one already), and then send us an e-mail requesting either our T1-T2 practice exam or our practice exam questions for T3-T4.  We send it to you by e-mail, so you can get it very quickly and start working with it right away.

Our next recommendation is also free.  Go to our YouTube site, and check out three short videos there: Top Ten Distribution Exam Questions, Top Ten Chlorine Questions, and Top Ten Wrong Answers.  It may be the best 20 minutes of preparation you can do.  And don’t forget to Subscribe to our YouTube channel while you’re there!

Our third recommendation is to follow Dan’s advice.  But for the week heading into the State exam, take only courses on subjects where you are particularly weak.  On top of the list for MOST folks is Water Math.  For the Treatment exam, MOST of the math questions will be addressed in MOST courses WM-4, -6, and -7.

We still are offering our MOST Water Math DVD for half-price — only $50 — until exam day.  But even if you order today, you may not receive it in time to help with the May 18 exam.  However, you will save $50 if you order this week!

MOST can help you pass the state exam.  Just ask Dan!

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  1. avatar luis says:

    can you send me a practice exam for treatment 1 to help me out for saturday exam.

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