Passing the Water Treatment Exam

We just received a question from Subscriber Josh.  It is similar to questions that several others have raised, so we thought that today would be a good time to address it.  After all, we are now just three weeks away from the Water Treatment Operator certification exam on May 18.

“Hello Steve, I have a question.  How many Water Distribution questions are there? 100 or 115?”

Josh:  There are 100 questions: 85 non-math and 15 math.
The 15 math questions are worth 2 points each, while the non-math are worth only one point each.
So, the total number of points on the exam is 115.
To pass, you need to get 70 percent — not 70 points!  70 percent of 115 is 80.5 points.  But the Department of Public Health doesn’t give any partial points for anything, so you need 81 points to pass.
A little confusing, isn’t it?  Let me know if you need further clarification, or
if something else comes up.
Steve McLean

Note also that Josh is asking about the Distribution exam.  But it doesn’t matter because, as of last Fall’s exam, the Treatment and Distribution exams have the same number of questions and the same 85/15 format.  This is true for all grades, except for the T5, which is still an oral exam with no written questions.

The 85/15 format is exactly what we feature in our practice exams here at MOST.  If you’re a Subscriber you can get a practice exam for free!  Just “Contact” us from the MOST home page, or send us an e-mail.  Make sure you tell us what grade you are pursuing.

What if you’re not a Subscriber?  Just enter your e-mail address under the “Subscribe to Updates” title on the MOST home page.  It’s free!  And you’ll receive all of our informative blog posts — like this one.

Now get back to studying for the May 18 exam!

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