Perchlorate on Mars

Thanks to Subscriber Victor for this tip:  NASA’s rover “Curiosity” has found perchlorate on Mars!  That would be the very same perchlorate that is regulated in drinking water in California — although the USEPA has yet to establish a drinking water standard, presumably because the health effects information is less than conclusive.  See:

Apparently, ancient Martians were involved in rocket propulsion, which is how we usually use this chemical here on Planet Earth.  Or possibly, perchlorate on Mars is completely natural?

Meanwhile, back in that other alien environment that is California, the community of Barstow is removing dirt “contaminated” with perchlorate.  See:

Perhaps NASA should begin designing an expedition to remove the perchlorate on Mars, because leaving it there may have undesirable environmental consequences.  Or perhaps California should tranport that Barstow soil to Mars, since there is already perchlorate there.

Or perhaps California needs to re-think its drinking water standard for perchlorate.



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