The Pounds Formula

The Pounds Formula -- We Saved the Best for Last.

The Pounds Formula — We Saved the Best for Last.

Tomorrow is the big day for those of you taking the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California.  (Except for those of you that received a one-week delay.)  Today we conclude our look at the MOST Five — the five math formulas that will enable you to answer almost every single math question on your Water Distribution or Water Treatment certification exams.  And we’ve saved the best for last!

The Pounds Formula is used more than any other formula in these certification exams.  That’s because it applies to any chemical being added to — or removed from — the water.  And while such questions are much more common in Water Treatment than Water Distribution, you will still see many math problems that use the Pounds Formula on the distribution exams.

In Water Distribution, the MOST likely chemical we will address is chlorine.  So expect several chlorination questions in the water math portion of your certification exam tomorrow.  If you’re a little concerned about this topic, and if you’ve got the time today, watch our one-hour video on Chlorination Math, MOST Course WM-7.  There are a dozen example problems, solved step-by-step, that cover the entire range of potential Chlorine Math problems that you might see tomorrow.  Like all of our videos, it’s only $10.  When you consider that Chlorine math using the Pounds Formula will account for more than 10 percent of your score tomorrow, this might be the best investment in your future that you can make.

Good luck tomorrow.  Please send us an e-mail after the exam to let us know how you did, and to help MOST develop even better study aids for you in the future.

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