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All the Water Distribution Operator certification exams are over for this round, and the next exams will be in March 2014.  So you can take a little break as far as Distribution goes.  However, MOST has some homework to do, and we need your help.  Please comment to this post or “Contact” us from the MOST home page, and let us know one thing: What surprised you the MOST when you took the exam?

Once we get your feedback, we’ll go back to our MOST Practice Exams and give them a tune-up.  By adjusting our practice exams based on the feedback of actual Operators taking the exams, MOST can guarantee that we are providing you with the best possible practice exams to get prepared for the real thing.  But that is only possible with your help.

MOST has been privileged to have conducted courses and exam preparation classes for a few thousand Operators over our four decades of experience in the Water Industry.  And we have learned at least as much from you as you have learned from MOST.  It is the feedback we have received from hundreds of people just like you that makes our practice exams the best that you can get.  And amazingly, they are still free to MOST Subscribers.

Also amazing is that it is free to become a MOST Subscriber.  Just go to the MOST home page and enter your e-mail address under “Subscribe to Updates” in the upper right hand corner.  You’ll get our blog posts e-mailed to you — but nothing else.  And you will be eligible for those extremely valuable practice exams.  How valuable?  Check out other sites, and you’ll see that $40 and $50 prices are not uncommon.

And they don’t have the MOST practice exams!  Check out the education and experience of the people who sell those exams — if that information is even posted.  (Ours is, right on our home page!)  Do they have any college degree?  Have they been responsible for the drinking water for 16 million people?  Have they provided the standard water curriculum for Water Treatment and Distribution for California Community Colleges?  We think not.  You can only find that depth of knowledge and experience at MOST.

It’s just over six weeks until the Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  Sounds like the perfect time to get a MOST Practice Exam!  But you have to be a MOST Subscriber first.

And please give us your feedback on those Distribution exams!

10 Responses to MOST Practice Exams

  1. avatar Richard Hoover says:

    How can I get practice exams for the nov 16th water treatment test? I really need the help.

  2. avatar Gracie says:

    I used your practice exam for Distribution 2 and purchased your modules and passed with an 83%! Thanks MOST.
    Now I am going to take the T2 in November, Can you please send me a practice exam?

    Thank you

  3. avatar travis says:

    i have a b distribution on oct 31 in north carolina, do you have a practice exam for that?

  4. avatar franco says:

    How can I get a practice exam for water filtration 3 in ohio

    • avatar MOST says:

      We think this is the first inquiry from Ohio. Welcome, Franco! We hope our MOST practice exam questions will help you with the certification exam in Ohio. Please let us know, so we can better serve you folks in the Buckeye State!

  5. avatar jon wissinger says:

    Ohio water distribution 1 exam. Can I try a practice test? Please and thanks.

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