Radon Awareness Week

This didn’t show up on our calendar, so we wanted to make sure you didn’t get caught by surprise too.  It’s radon awareness week!  Please, try to restrain your glee.  We know how much this means to you!  You probably have even bookmarked their web site:


Radon has been on the EPA’s list of potential contaminants for drinking water regulation for a very long time.  But this contaminant did not follow the normal route to the establishment of a Maximum Contaminant Level, or MCL.  In many ways, the Radon story is a tribute to the EPA for following the science instead of the politics.  See:


EPA and the National Academy of Sciences attribute 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year in the United States to Radon exposure.  This puts Radon mortality well above HIV/AIDS (about 16,000 deaths annually as of 2009) and many other, more high-profile environmental hazards.

However, EPA found that only about 170 of these deaths each year were related to radon from drinking water.  So, while radon is definitely a health issue, the EPA ultimately concluded that it wasn’t much of a drinking water health issue.  Instead of the usual national drinking water MCL, EPA developed an approach that should be more effective than an MCL — but reserved a Radon MCL as a final fall-back position for public health protection.

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