Remember Pearl Harbor


From the USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor

Each year on this “date that will live in infamy,” the United States commemorates our unscheduled and unwanted entry into World War II, the attack on Pearl Harbor.  We are especially proud of last year’s post on this topic, and would like for you to read it again — or for the first time, for those of you who have joined us in the past year.  Please see:

Also today, we saw a brief (6 minute) video to remember Pearl Harbor in a slightly different way.  See:

History is the actions of our ancestors and how they came to shape the world we live in today.  Recall the words of American philosopher George Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Let us not be condemned to repeating the events of December 7, 1941.  Let us always remember Pearl Harbor.

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