Reminder: March 15 Approaches

Raising the Flag outside the USS Arizona memorial.  Happy Presidents' Day!

Raising the Flag outside the USS Arizona memorial. Happy Presidents’ Day!

We’ve been very busy starting new classes this semester, and it’s cutting into our blogging time.  However, here’s a reminder: March 15 approaches!  If you’re scheduled to take the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California on that day, you need to spend some time studying, no matter how busy you are.

In our last few posts, we noted several ways that MOST can help you pass the March 15 exam.  Please review our last few posts if you are new to MOST, and if you’re taking the exam.  We think you’ll be surprised at how much help we can be — for free!  Of course, we would appreciate any purchases you might make as well.

But no matter what, be prepared for March 15.  And don’t forget that MOST can help!

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  1. avatar jesse says:

    D 1 distribution please. Thank you

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