Santiago Canyon College Position for MOST

It's true!  MOST is going to Disneyland!  (Or at least, close to Disneyland.)

It’s true! MOST is going to Disneyland! (Or at least, close to Disneyland.)

The main reason for the recent lack of posts here at MOST is that we have been making a major life transition.  For the first time in a few years, we have a real, full-time job.  We are proud to have been selected to chair the Water Utility Science department at Santiago Canyon College in Orange County, California.  We start in just a couple of weeks with the Fall 2014 semester.  Here is a link to the web site for the Water program at SCC:

We are especially pleased to have one — and we believe the best one! — of only a handful of full-time professor positions devoted solely to Water in the entire State.  And we believe that this will be a great vehicle for us to continue to be a resource to Water Distribution and Treatment Operators — as well as Wastewater Operators — across California, and even for other states.

We expect that the chaos of this transition will be with us for another month or two, so expect MOST to remain on the quiet side for a little while.  However, after we get settled in, our expectation is that we should be more active than ever here at MOST.  So we ask for your continued patience in the interim.

Our new proximity to the Disneyland Resort will probably mean a little more time there as well.  Long-time MOST Subscribers have seen multiple references over the years to Disneyland in our blog posts, so they will appreciate this additional “perk” associated with working at Santiago Canyon College.


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