Seven Weeks and Counting!

With the MOST Water Math DVD, solving exam problems is as easy as falling ... oh, never mind!

With the MOST Water Math DVD, solving exam problems is as easy as falling … oh, never mind!

Judging by your e-mails, several of you are NOT procrastinating and are working hard to make sure you pass your Water Distribution Operator certification exam on March 16.  Yes, it’s seven weeks and counting until exam day.  How can you make sure you’re ready?

The best way is to spend a little time each week.  For MOST of us, that means the weekend, because we’re too tired when we get home from work.  (If you’re real lucky, you may be able to study AT work!)  So make sure you can carve out a couple of hours each weekend.  If you start now — or have already started — you’ll have plenty of time to digest all the material by exam time.

Many of you are taking advantage of what we have to offer you here at MOST.  For Subscribers, this means a free sample exam.  Just “Contact” us and let us know which grade you’re looking for.  We’re still updating our sample Distribution exams to reflect the State of California’s new format, but we can send you our older version right now.

And if you’re not a Subscriber, why not?  Just enter your e-mail address under the “Subscribe to Updates” box on our Home Page.  It’s free!

For a slightly higher investment, you can purchase any of our online courses here at MOST for only $10.  For exam preparation, MOST folks focus on Water Math.  Each Water Math course is about one hour long, and has at least ten example problems, solved line-by-line, so that you can see exactly what you need to do to get these problems right.  And you can replay the video as many times as you want at no extra charge for a full year.

And if math is your big problem area, don’t forget that we are offering our MOST Water Math DVD for half-price right now.  The DVD contains all nine of our MOST Water Math courses, with over 100 sample problems ranging from basic (D1-D2) to advanced (D4-D5) in difficulty.  Until exam day, it’s only $50 (no extra fees for shipping and handling!)  Just “Contact” us to request the DVD.  You can pay “Most Water Training” through PayPal.  Make sure you send us your mailing information when you request the DVD.

Only seven weeks and counting until the March 16 Water Distribution Operator certification exam!  Get to work!  And let MOST help.

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