So? How Was the Exam?

For those of you taking the Water Treatment Operator exam today, this has been a busy week.  Same for yours truly, as we have been e-mailing out practice exams and answers to questions from dozens of folks preparing for today.  We are glad to help!  But we do have one small request.

After you get home from the exam today, please send us an email or comment to this post to let us know one thing: what surprised you the MOST on the exam?  Was the math too easy?  Too hard?  Was there a topic that you found on the MOST Practice exam that was absent on the State exam?  Or perhaps the other way around?

Your input to MOST is critical to us.  Without it, we could not provide — free to our Subscribers — the best practice exams.  We need to know where the State is going on their exams, and you are our only source of information.

Especially for you new MOST Subscribers, please give us some feedback — good or bad — on the practice exams that we sent you.  We certainly hope that they helped and, with your feedback, they will be even better when the next Water Treatment Operator exam comes around next November.

4 Responses to So? How Was the Exam?

  1. avatar John pease says:

    Took T1 test today. I had to check to see if I had the correct exam when I first reviewed it! Besides my book, I studied podcasts, water math CD, practice exams etc. Much of the info that I studied was not even on the test. Keeping my fingers crossed, but not feeling very good about how I did!

    • avatar MOST says:

      John: What was the biggest surprise? What topics did the State ask about that were not covered in your study materials? I would especially like to learn about any water math topics that did not show up on the MOST Water Math DVD — or did you make the HUGE mistake of using some other Water Math CD?

  2. avatar Sandra says:

    The one area I didn’t do much review and was on the exam was the mechanical side of things. Knowing pumps and parts etc. One question was about if a stuffing box was leaking it was probably coming from … and I don’t remember what the options were. Otherwise lots on chlorine, math was good just have to watch for units, a bit on safety and confined space, I’m crossing my fingers for the best.

    • avatar MOST says:

      Thanks, Sandra. I’m getting the “Pumps” comment from many folks. I would consider that — and confined space — to be much more Distribution questions than Treatment. But there is often a “cross-over” of questions — and it can really throw you off.
      We’ll be crossing our fingers for you too!
      Steve McLean

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