Solar Eclipse and the Water Treatment Exam

Wow!  Two “cosmic” events back-to-back!  Today’s solar eclipse definitely counts as a cosmic event, and one that is pretty rare.  In this part of the world (California) it has been about 18 years since the last one.

The Water Treatment Exam is somewhat less rare, coming twice a year, but is of “cosmic” importance to those of us taking the exam.  We hope you all did well yesterday.  We have heard back from several of you already, but not from everyone.  Please share your experiences with us.  We are especially looking for questions or topics that you found on the State test that we failed to include in our Practice tests.  Our hope is that, through your feedback, we can prepare a better simulation for the next round of State exams.  So please “Contact” us, or comment to this blog post.

Let’s look ahead to the upcoming certification schedule.  July 1 is the application deadline for the next Water Distribution Operator certification exam.  Make sure you visit the State’s web site (go way to the bottom of their page) for details:

The College of the Canyons will be presenting an Advanced Water Distribution course this Summer Session, and yours truly will be your instructor.  Please join us if you can, and check out the COC web site at:

The California Water Distribution Operator certification exam will be held September 15.  So get that application in, and start studying now!

The Treatment Operator exam will be held on November 17.  To take that exam, your application must be postmarked by September 1.  COC will be offering beginning and advanced water treatment courses this Fall semester, which commences on August 27.  The beginning class will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings for the first eight weeks of the semester, followed by the advanced class over the final eight weeks.  Once again, yours truly will be your instructor.  Please join us if you can.

And we hope that you got a good view of the other cosmic event of the weekend!

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  1. avatar Antolin says:

    Im currently tkaing a course of WATER 107 and im having so much trouble understanding the subject of water math, I have viewed your videos showing how to work the problems and the solutions, and it has been a great help to me. Im definitely purchasing your DVD’s when I get the money. The time and effort you take out to help people like my self and many others is GREATLY appreciated!

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