State Exam Next Week: Learn From History

Only one week left until the next California Water Distribution Operator exam. How best to use your time remaining? History is a great teacher, for those of us willing to listen. (With “history” as the theme for the blog today, the picture of Lincoln’s assassination is the best image I could come up with — it really has nothing to do with anything water, except that it is “historic.”)

With over 200 blogs to date, we have built up a pretty good “history” right here. So today I’m going to direct you to some of the past blogs that I think will be most helpful to you in the final week. I’ve placed links below so you can find them easily, but you can always go back through the site’s Archives to find “historic” topics.

These are my top suggestions. Do you have any that you found particularly helpful, and that you would like to recommend to those getting ready for the test next Saturday? If so, please comment below, and note the date of the post (if you can) so we can find it easily in the Archives.

Also, don’t forget to take advantage of my offer of a free sample D2 exam with answer key for any Followers of this blog. And if you’re not a Follower, just click on the “Follow” button to the left to sign on. No spam, no ads, just some pertinent training information — along with the occasional rant!

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