The Countdown Continues

Yes, it is now only TWO WEEKS until the Water Distribution Operator certification exam here in California.  Have you been procrastinating on your studying?  Well, you have a great opportunity this Labor Day weekend to catch up.  Make sure you spend a few hours this weekend reviewing your study materials.  Don’t wait any longer!  Commit to spending 30 minutes each day going over your old exams and quizzes.

If you need a new exam to study from, remember my offer: just “Subscribe to Updates” on the MOST home page, then send me an e-mail at to let me know which exam(s) you want.  No charge!  I just finished a new D3 sample exam to go along with my D1-D2 sample exam.  So if you’re going to examine for a higher grade, you probably want both.

I hope the sample exams help you to be successful on September 17.  Please let me know either way.  And good luck!

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  1. avatar Jack Brewer says:

    I am taking The Water Distribution Exam for D1
    I have worked in the pipeline business for 11 years. I am trying to get a job with the city of Long Beach. Yes, I would like a copy of your practice exams. Also, I would like to purchase any of your on-line study courses that you feel may help me. I am just not sure of which ones are appropriate for D1

    • avatar MOST says:

      Hello, Jack:
      To obtain a sample exam, all you need to do is “Subscribe to Updates” on the MOST site. You will receive an e-mail each time I post something new at the site, which is about three times per week. But no spam or anything to buy or anything else like that.
      If you take any one course, you can also get the sample exam. If you are having trouble with the math, I highly recommend the two math courses (WM-1 and WM-3) — and I hope to post another one on flow rate (WM-4) that would be very helpful too. If you’re really new to water quality, I would recommend the Microbiology for Operators course (WQ-4), and perhaps the Nature of Water course (WQ-1). There are always a few vocabulary terms related to the Hydrologic Cycle on the state test, so our WD-1 course could be helpful too. For your D1 exam, don’t bother with the treatment courses that are available, and if you’re really good at math, you can skip those too.
      My site is very new, so if you encounter any “bugs” please let me know so I can clean them up! One that is a little bothersome right now is that each course has a timer — that is so we can confirm to the State that people have actually taken a course, and not just paid for a certificate. To begin a course, you have to click on Start Course — that makes sense and works fine. If you need to pause for a break, do NOT hit Stop course! Instead, hit the Pause button at the bottom of the video. If you hit Stop, when you resume the course, it will start all over again. That could get annoying!
      One other thing that you can consider is looking through the blog posts. I have over 250 posts, and most of them are on topics found on the exam. They’re all just short essays, but you can probably find several answers to test question there — and no charge for reading the blog!
      Best of luck on the State exam, and I hope to “see” you on the MOST site soon, so I can send you the practice exam.
      Thanks for your interest in the MOST site.
      Steve McLean

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