Treatment Exam is November 19

Well, it’s time to start bugging you about preparing for the next State exam here in California.  Grades 1 – 4 for Water Treatment Operator certification will be examined in just six weeks, on November 19.  If you’re taking the exam, it’s time to get going!

As I have urged you in past blogs, do not wait to begin your studies.  Your efforts will be much more successful if you “eat the elephant one bite at a time.”  What we mean is that you should study a little bit at a time, rather than cramming over the last few days.  (Eating the whole “elephant” at once will make you sick!)  So start this weekend!

If you are interested, I might be able to get an online course in place for exam review.  If I don’t hear from enough folks, I won’t even try, but if several of you let me know you’re interested, I will see what I can do on short notice.  Tentatively, it will be a specially-priced set of eight sessions, each 30 – 60 minutes long with 200 sample exam questions.  As it stands today, I don’t think I can offer these for contact hours — each course needs to be one hour long for that (like the other courses in our catalog.)  Since you can’t get contact hour credit, I will offer the entire group — plus the 200 exam questions — for $60.  If you took the same course from AWWA, it would cost you about five times that!

So, if you’re interested, you’ve got to let me know by October 16, so I can get with my web site manager and make it happen.  If I don’t hear back from you, you’ll need to study on your own!

Of course, you could take some of my other one-hour courses to prepare.  I would especially recommend courses WQ-4, and WT-1 .  If Math is your problem area, you will find WM-1, WM-3, and WM-4 all extremely helpful.  And my next two classes, WM-6 and WM-7, both on chemical feed and the “Pounds Formula,” should be out by next week; these, too, will be extremely helpful as you prepare for the Treatment Operator exam.

Remember that all courses you take here at MOST are available to you for a full year after purchase.  That means you can take the course over and over again, if you so choose.  And with the math courses, that is a great way to continue to develop your skills.  (Note: you can only receive one certificate of completion per course, no matter how many times you re-take it!)

I’m giving you a week to decide.  Let me know by October 16 if you want that review course.  And start studying this week!

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