State Exam Water Math Request

You may have heard the Henny Youngman line, “I know you’re out there.  I can hear you breathing!”  Sometimes it feels like that here at the MOST web site.  My Google Analytics tell us how many visits we get each day — it’s around 100 on average — but we rarely see comments posted either here or at our feeds onto Facebook or LinkedIn.  (Except of course for reliable Subscriber Robert!)  So, “I know you’re out there,” but we really encourage you to post any comments you may have to our blogs.  Please keep it clean, though!

Many of you do contact us by direct e-mail.  Please continue to do so!  We’re happy to help!  But the following message we received from Gerado got us to thinking (and that’s always dangerous!)  Often times, the Readers and Subscribers of this blog may have better answers to the questions of others than yours truly.

“Hi Stephen, thank you for the sample questions.  Just got the email about Ray passing his D-4. I was wondering if you can ask Ray, what kind of math problems he had?  Or maybe you can shoot me his email and I can ask. Either way, no worries. Thanks for all your help.


Gerardo is not the only person in this situation.  A lot of you would benefit from knowing a bit more about what the State is asking on the exams.  So instead of having Ray and Gerardo conduct a private conversation, why not just share your experiences with the other MOST Readers and Subscribers by posting a comment to this blog entry?

So how about it, Ray?  And how about it anyone else?  Gerardo — and many others — would appreciate it very much!

One caution:  understandably, the Department of Public Health does not want you to share actual questions with anyone, in order to preserve the integrity of their certification exams.  But you can share the general  forms of questions that you have seen.  And that would be of significant value to those preparing for the exam.

Please post something here at MOST that will help one of your colleagues to pass the exam next time!

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  1. avatar Dan Drugan says:

    Thanks to the preparation I received from taking the MOST D1 – D2 practice exam, I felt very confident going into my distribution exam. I received the “good” letter for passing the D2 just two weeks ago and I would suggest that anyone having difficulty with math or water quality to take a look at some of the mini-courses MOST has here to offer.

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