State Water Distribution Exam Review Course

Several people have expressed an interest in a review class prior to the March 20 State exam. I will hold such a class on Saturday, March 13, from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., at the Valencia Hilton Garden Inn.
The cost will be $125 per person (Compare this to the $285 fee charged by AWWA for exactly the same course). Attendees will receive a complete set of handouts covering the topics listed in the State’s “Expected Range of Knowledge” for the exam, plus 200 practice exam questions and answers.
If you are interested, please e-mail me no later than March 8 at

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  1. avatar Trevor Espie says:

    Although this posting says 2010 is it available for march of 2013.. could i also have an address of where the review will be held.

    • avatar MOST says:

      Yes, the offer is still good! The price is the same: you need to become a Subscriber at It’s easy, it’s painless, and it’s free. Once you sign up, send me an e-mail indicating what level of certification you will be going for on the March 13 exam, and I’ll send you a sample exam and answer key.
      Steve McLean

  2. avatar robert witt says:

    I am taking the d2 test 3/15/14. I want to take a prep course just before do you offer these classes and can ou point me in the right direction? robert witt 7605476681/

  3. avatar Jorge says:

    Hey Steve my name is Jorge,
    I’m gonna be taking my d2 exam on the 20th of this month I was wondering if you could possibly refer me towards the right direction. Thank you so much Godbless

  4. avatar josh says:

    hello, I was wondering if you had a prep class for the 2015 march test. I am taking my D3 and would like some study info or go to a class. Thank you any help would be appreciated!

    • avatar Steve McLean says:

      Josh: The MOST D3-D4 practice exam is on its way. And you can join us at Santiago Canyon College for a Distribution Exam review on Friday, March 6. Go to the school’s web site for details.

  5. avatar james says:

    im looking for a review class for the D4 and T4

  6. avatar Dwayne smith says:

    I am taking the exam on sept 18, 2015, are you offering a class before this date? (D1)

  7. avatar javier says:

    Hi , I want to take my D3 and I can’t find any State Exam preparation classes. Do you know any place where i can go? I’m in OC area.
    Thank you.

  8. avatar Guywayne Walter says:

    I am taking my D2 next month in September 2016. Trying to find test prep class.

  9. Hello, I will be taking the D-5 exam this March 19 2016 .was wondering if you can refer a review course before exam.

    Thank You

  10. avatar Chris Jackson says:

    I am getting ready to take my water distribution 2 exam in Oregon and I would like to take a review test to try and see where I’m proficient and where I am lacking. if i sign up for your program, how soon could you send my a practice exam and answer key? Can it be emailed? Thanks,

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