Summer Solstice

Even Druids knew about the Summer Solstice.

Long-time readers know that we always note the passing of the seasons here at MOST.  We have just passed the Summer Solstice, the official beginning of Summer, and the longest day of the year — in terms of daylight hours — in the northern hemisphere.

Dates of this type are very important to Water System Operators, because they impact our operations.  The Humans that we serve have developed patterns of behavior over the millennia that Homo sapiens have dwelled here on Earth.  Among these is hyperactivity during Summer months.  The old adage, “Make hay while the sun shines,” comes to mind.  Our ancestors knew that Summer was when crops must be grown, and food and other supplies must be gathered to prepare for the long, cold Winter.  Although these concerns are not nearly as pronounced for us as for our ancestors, we still see a lot more activity during the Summer months.

For Water System Operators, this means our customers want more of our product to make all that activity possible.  Our treatment plants will be operating at or near (and occasionally over?) rated capacities.  We will be struggling to keep storage reservoirs full and distribution system pressures adequate.  We will need to be hyperactive to keep up with our customer demands.

So make certain that those last few maintenance projects get wrapped up and that you’re ready to address the high customer demands over the next few months.  And don’t even think about scheduling a vacation until Fall!

You don’t need to be a Druid — or even a Celt or Gael — to know what the Summer Solstice means.  Happy Summer from MOST!

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