Summer/Fall Water Schedule at Santiago Canyon College

If you are in the Water industry, you know you need continuing education — “contact hours” as they are called in California — to renew your Water Treatment and Water Distribution certifications.  And if you are not in the Water business yet, you know you need to get those certifications if you wish to compete for the water jobs available.  In short, education is part of being in the Water industry.

So where should you go for this education?  There are a number of options available to you, but you will not find a better option than the Water Utility Science program at Santiago Canyon College.  MOST is privileged to be leading that program now, the largest and oldest such program in California.

And our program has just added six new academic awards that you can earn — some of them completely online.  Here is a link to a 15-minute video that we prepared for our current students regarding these new awards:

This video also presents our course offerings for this coming Summer session (beginning June 19) and Fall semester (beginning August 28).  Of particular interest to those of you looking to take a T2 exam this coming November, we are offering our Water Treatment I course (WATR 071) this Summer.  The session ends two weeks before the September 1 application deadline for the State Water Resources Control Board Water Treatment Operator Exam.  If you haven’t completed a course like WATR 071 by that date, the SWRCB will not approve your application.  This course is your last chance to meet that deadline!

Please review the courses required for the new “Certificates of Proficiency” at SCC.  You might find that taking a course every semester, or every year, or every third year, is a convenient and economical way to get your contact hours.  And at the same time, you are building your credentials so that you will be more qualified for those promotion opportunities in the future.

Our motto at SCC is “What happens here matters.”  Make your continuing education matter!  Get college credit and build your resume to prepare yourself for career advancement.  And please compare our pricing to that of other providers!

Make your Contact Hours matter at Santiago Canyon College.

Make your Contact Hours matter at Santiago Canyon College.

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