The Chlorine Revolution

We have often expressed the view that chlorine in drinking water gets a grossly unfair rap in today’s world.  The discovery of disinfection by-products, notably trihalomethanes and haloacetic acids, has been the main factor in forming this picture of chlorine.  Fortunately, someone has done something to set the record straight.

A former supervisor of ours from our time at the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Michael J. McGuire, Ph.D., P.E., has just published a book entitled “The Chlorine Revolution.”  See:

The other side of the chlorine story is the saving of millions of lives from typhoid and other waterborne diseases, due entirely to the chlorination of drinking water.  In a world where 4,000 children continue to die every day from such diseases, a little chlorine would go a long way to save lives, and to improve the lives of families devastated by these childhood deaths.

Mike has a giveaway going to promote this book.  Follow the link above for details.  But you might consider just buying the book, so that you can learn the history of the Chlorine Revolution.

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