The Drought Is Over. Long Live the Drought!

According to last Tuesday’s USA Today, the drought is over. Hurrah!
This article includes this quote: “”The lack of drought is extraordinary,” said Douglas Le Comte, a meteorologist with the federal Climate Prediction Center.”
After the last few drought years, the reservoirs in California have not yet fully recovered, but the situation has improved significantly. So why are there still incredible restrictions on water deliveries – including only 10% of requested deliveries to our State’s beleaguered agricultural industry?
While Mother Nature has done her part, our government continues to fail us. We are still in a “regulatory drought.” I wish I had come up with that expression, and I also wish I knew who did so that I could give him/her credit. But it very succinctly and accurately describes our current situation.
How has our regulatory drought come about? By “a balanced, bipartisan approach to meeting the state’s water needs”, when “the Legislature agreed to create an independent council,” according to the San Jose Mercury News, in an editorial also found in today’s LA Daily News.
In this editorial, the same Senator Feinstein that we applauded last week is chastised for her attempt to “usurp that power” of this all-knowing, all-seeing, completely benevolent “council.” Why is this “council” held in such high esteem by the Mercury News – and apparently, the LA Daily News?
Once again, the self-labeled environmentalists have complete veto-power over pumping operations. Even court-sanctioned 14-day pumping operations are deemed totally unacceptable by the “independent council.” In truth, this “council” is anything but balanced and bipartisan. They have a clear agenda, and they have been remarkably successful in advancing it: strangle the water supply to cities and farms, so that population growth in California can be stopped.
The agenda is NOT about preserving the environment. If so, this “council” would certainly have pressed for a separate water conveyance system – the hated Peripheral Canal – since this is the ONLY solution to fixing the water supply, water quality AND environmental issues facing us in the Sacramento River Delta.
While we wait for a truly “balanced, bipartisan” approach from our “independent council,” I continue to support the Senator in her efforts to “usurp that power,” and to restore some sanity to water allocation in this State.

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