The Earth is Limited; Is Humanity?

I hope that you’ve all marked it on your calendars: Earth Day is this coming Thursday!
I ask you to be vigilant this week. Don’t just accept what you are told by supposed experts and those with strictly political agendas. Realize this fact: the chances are quite excellent that the Earth will outlive Humanity, despite anything we might do. At best, we will perish when the Earth perishes — at least as things stand today.
There is only one possible scenario in which Humanity outlives Earth: migration of Humanity to another planet — or planets! Since we have not even been able to return to our Moon in nearly 40 years, that scenario is not very plausible at this time. But don’t give up hope!
One of the underlying themes of Earth Day is that we must all learn to live with less, that the Earth is limited and its resources are finite. The Earth is certainly finite, as this photo clearly illustrates. But I believe that accepting this “finiteness” is in contrast to the nature of Humanity. Our ancestors were “limited” by the local resources — and often the local government. They migrated to “new” lands to build better, less limited lives. While the circumstances of our lives and our migrations have changed, I don’t believe that the spirit of Humanity has changed. While our planet is limited, the Universe is not. The future of Humanity lies in the infinite reaches of Space.
I’m quite certain that many of our ancestors were thought to be fools for their failure to accept the limitations of their circumstances, and to “throw it all away” on a migration to another place. Despite the “wisdom” of the majority, these people led the way to greater opportunities and previously unthinkable achievements.
As long as Humanity refuses to impose limits on our capabilities, such unthinkable achievements will always be part of our future.
This is the biggest problem that I have with the philosophy of Earth Day: imposing limits on what Humanity can achieve is completely contrary to the Human spirit. We will only be limited by ourselves.
Please keep my contrarian thoughts in mind this week, as you ponder Earth Day.

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