The KISS Principle for Water Math

The MOST Five — The only formulas you need for Water Math!

Over two years ago, we posted a blog on the KISS Principle as it relates to water math.  With the Distribution Operator certification exam just over two weeks away, we thought the timing was good to revisit this absolutely critical topic.  So here are some excerpts from that post, but you can read the whole post at:

“You have all heard of the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid! We generally do an incredibly poor job of this when it comes to water system math. I’ve seen people with three-ring binders filled with notes, multiple math text books, books with hundreds of sample math problems — and they are still completely intimidated by the math problems on certification exams. I think they have violated the KISS principle.
So today, I unveil the only five formulas you really need to know.  Just five?  That can’t be right!  The State’s formula sheet is filled with formulas — on both sides of the page! Yep, you heard me right: just five. Let’s keep it simple!
“These five formulas will enable you to pass the math portion of your exam. You may encounter a couple of weird problems that don’t fit into these five — like a drawdown, a specific yield, a blending, or a milliamp conversion. But there will only be a couple such problems — and you don’t have to get every problem correct to pass the exam. In fact, if you can get 80 percent of the non-math problems correct, you will only need to get about half of the math problems correct in order to get your license! And our five formulas will enable you to get correct answers to well over half of the problems.

“Have you ever had a math class that told you there were only five formulas that you really needed to use? No way! But it’s true. It really is much more simple than you have been led to believe.”

And don’t forget, we offer one-hour, fully online courses – for only $10 each! — on each of these five formulas here at MOST.  If water math is your biggest area of concern, we offer the MOST helpful, MOST convenient, and MOST economical way to address that concern!

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