The Next Certification Exam

Last Saturday afternoon we entered the longest portion of the year between Water System Operator certification exams in California.  The next certification exam will be September 21 for Water Distribution Operators.  As we noted last week, the application deadline to take this exam is July 1.  If you need to complete a course prior to July 1, the MOST convenient option is to take the Introduction Water Distribution course from the California-Nevada Section of the American Water Works Association, held June 10 -14 in Rancho Cucamonga, and the instructor will be yours truly.  Phone the Section office at 909-481-7200, or visit their site at:

What else should you be doing?  Here’s a suggestion from Subscriber Michael:

“I just wanted to write and say thank you for all of your help.  I took the t1 on may 18th and I think that I did well.  The practice tests that you gave me were pretty on point.  The test that I took seemed to focus a lot on pH. The water math DVD was a great help as well.  If I were to recommend anything so far it would be the water math DVD.

Thanks again, Michael”

We concur with Michael.  If we were to recommend anything to prepare for the next certification exam, it would be the MOST Water Math DVD.  We are extending our half-price offer: you can still purchase this DVD — with all nine of the MOST Water Math video lectures, over 10 hours of video, and over 100 examples worked out step-by-step — for only $50.  Just “Contact” us from the MOST home page, and we’ll send you the ordering information.

Like Michael, we recommend the MOST Water Math DVD as the best way to prepare for the next certification exam.

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