The Silence of the Media

I’m back after a brief working vacation. The “work” was a personal inspection of the water supply conditions — in Yosemite National Park. Okay, so maybe there was more “vacation” than “working” involved. I hope to share a few photos with you over the next few weeks, so you can see what I saw first hand. Much more to come!
Today is the second day of an important three-day conference in Chicago. This conference addresses one of the most controversial of all topics in America — indeed, the whole world — today: Global warming. So why have we not heard about it in the mainstream media? I just scoured this morning’s LA Times and found absolutely no coverage whatsoever. Zero! What gives here?
Well, it seems one “problem” is the title for the conference: “Fourth International Conference on Climate Change: Reconsidering the Science and Economics.” Another “problem” is that the conference’s host is The Heartland Institute (, a noted conservative organization. Wrong message and wrong messenger for the likes of the LA Times.
So who are the crackpots attending this conference? According to Heartland, “more than 2000 people, including hundreds of scientists from more than 30 countries have attended” the first three such conferences. This year’s speakers include over 50 scientists from Adelaide, Auckland, and Amsterdam, and from Norway, Denmark, Hungary, and Canada. Even an economist from California State University, Robert J. Michaels, Ph.D, and a former astronaut, Harrison Schmitt, Ph.D. Apparently, crackpots all, to be sure, in the opinion of the LA Times.
So what’s on the agenda? Here’s an excerpt from the conference invitation: “Make no mistake, the debate over global warming is heating up. More and more scientists are speaking out against what they see as the misuse of science to exaggerate the human impact on climate.” And another: “The speakers at the conference agree it is time to reconsider the science and economics of global warming. They do not all agree on the causes, extent, or consequences of climate change, or what should be done.” Wait, you mean there is no “consensus”?
No, despite what the LA Times, NY Times, and the rest of the main stream media profess, there most certainly is NO consensus. The refusal of these media outlets to even cover such a significant scientific symposium is tantamount to censorship. They should be ashamed of the silence of the media.

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