The Trash Folks Get No Respect

I often complain about the lack of respect that wastewater Operators get. What would you do if that miraculous device, the toilet, didn’t carry all that stuff away from your house? That facility is so ingrained in modern life that folks generally have no understanding of what goes into handling their wastes. And things like this that are invisible cannot be appreciated fully.

Well how about our compadres in the solid waste industry? (That’s trash to us laypersons.) According to Susan Carpenter in today’s Los Angeles Times, CNBC will be airing a one-hour program on this topic this evening. The Times notes that the air times are 6, 7, 9, and 10 p.m. That’s a lot of trash in prime time — but I guess that’s really nothing new! See:

Also of interest, the Times notes that this show has not been “rated.” I’m going out on a limb here, but I think this would be suitable for youngsters. It has to be better than the video games they’re playing!

And perhaps they’ll learn something that recent generations have not. Past generations had to deal with their own wastes, so they knew how big an issue this is.

I’ll be in class tonight, introducing stoichiometry to my chemistry students, so I’ll be missing the live broadcasts on CNBC. But I highly recommend you tune in if you can. It could be your way of saying “thanks” to the trash folks, and showing them a little respect — something Rodney Dangerfield never got.

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