Three Weeks Until State Exam!

Wow!  Time is getting away from me!  It is now less than three weeks until the next State exam here in California.  The next Water Distribution Operator exam will be held on Saturday, September 17.  Are you ready?

If not, don’t panic.  It’s not too late to get ready and be successful.  One thing you can do is to flip through the archives here — with over 250 entries, we have covered a whole lot of topics, including chlorination, water quality, coliform analysis, water math, and many others.

I also have a special — free! — offer: just “Subscribe” to my blog, and then send me an e-mail (you can use the “Contact” button on the top menu), and I’ll send you a sample D1-D2 exam and answer key.  I know a couple of you are looking for a D3 exam instead — I hope to have something for you by next weekend.

If you come across a topic you want a little more help with, please “Contact” me, and we’ll see about getting a blog posted for you.

And good luck on your exam!

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  1. I really like you to send me more information ,about all these water & staff, because all this is new for me Im lost. But Ireally well apreciated any help I can get . thank you…

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