Tomorrow Never Comes?

We know it's Goofy, but the MOST important thing to do for tomorrow's certification exam is ... Relax!

We know it’s Goofy, but the MOST important thing to do for tomorrow’s certification exam is … Relax!

You’ve heard the expression, “Tomorrow never comes.”  We don’t know who came up with that one, but we’ve seen quite a few “tomorrows” here at MOST.  And tomorrow is a big day for many of our MOST Subscribers.  We sent out more of our MOST practice exams prior to tomorrow’s test than for any previous test — and we’ve been sending them out for almost five years now.  Apparently, “free” is a good price!

And the MOST practice exams are worth every penny!  Oh.  Wait.

Well, you know what we mean.  Dozens of our MOST Subscribers have told us how helpful these practice exams are, often labeling our exams as the difference between passing and failing the State certification exam.  So this is your last chance for your free practice exam from MOST — at least before Tomorrow comes.

There is one more feature of the MOST web site that we think might be helpful today.  Go to the bottom left corner of our home page, and you’ll see a Search box.  With hundreds of blog posts on a wide variety of subjects, you are bound to find a post or two on that last topic that’s bugging you before the exam.  Give it a try!

Finally, for those of you taking the Water Distribution Operator certification exam tomorrow, best of luck!  Try to relax today, and don’t over-study.  If you’ve been preparing in the weeks leading up to tomorrow — as we have been urging you to do! — you don’t need any more studying.  Just try to stay as calm and collected as you can, and you’ll make the MOST of your opportunity!

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