Water Operator Certification Exams: Top Ten Wrong Answers

May 19 is the date for the next Water Treatment Operator certification exam here in California.  That means you have three weeks left!  How do you get ready?

We offer several online courses here at MOST to get you ready for this test, but we also offer a few short videos on our YouTube channel.  I just posted a new one today, this one called “Top Ten Wrong Answers on Water Certification Exams.”

I got the idea earlier this week while helping Mitchell prepare for his exam.  As we were working, it occured to me that avoiding wrong answers on a multiple choice test is almost as important as selecting the correct answer.  And there are three or four times as many wrong answers as correct ones!

As someone who writes a lot of exams, I’ll tell you that coming up with all those wrong answers is often difficult.  That means you are likely to find some of these wrong answers in multiple questions.  And if you know they’re wrong ones, you can avoid them, and thus improve your score.

So you can thank Mitchell for this latest YouTube video.  Take a look by clicking on the YouTube icon at the bottom of this screen, or by going here:


.  And then let me know if there are other wrong answers that should go on the list.

Don’t forget: if you are a Subscriber here at MOST, I’ll send you a free sample exam and answer key — all you need to do is Contact me and ask.  And good luck on May 19!

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