Treatment Exam Deadline Approaches

With the Water Distribution Operator exam now just three weeks away here in California, it’s a bit difficult to focus on anything else.  However, there is a critical deadline approaching for Water Treatment Operators, too.  March 1 is the deadline for your application to take the next Water Treatment Operator exam, which is May 19.  So don’t let this deadline slip by if you need to take that May exam.  As always, you can find the application form and additional information at the State’s web site at:

All the important links — including the one that will get you to the MOST home page! — are way down at the bottom of that page.

Now, back to Distribution.  Chlorination is always a huge topic on Treatment and Distribution exams of all grades.  Chloramination is also a big topic, although more so on the higher grades.  Apparently, a lot of you are looking into chloramines these days, as it has been the top topic lately on the old blogspot site.  You can find the same blog here at MOST at:

If you’re preparing for the D1 or D2, all you need to know about chloramines is that they are formed by combining free chlorine and ammonia in the water, and that the main reason we would use chloramines over free chlorine is that they produce far fewer disinfection by-products.

If you’re preparing for a higher grade, you may need a bit more information.  If you’re a novice with chloramines, I recommend MOST course WT-7.  I think it’s the MOST complete one-hour, online course that you will find on the subject.  And, like all of our courses here at MOST, it is still only $10.

Don’t forget to study this weekend for the Distribution exam.  And don’t forget to file your application for the Treatment exam either!

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