Two Weeks Until Water Treatment Exam

That’s right!  Just two weeks remain until the Water Treatment Operator Certification exam here in California.  Are you ready?  If not, how best to prepare with so little time remaining?  We have a few suggestions for you.

Your best bet is to do practice tests between now and exam day.  As a Subscriber to MOST, we’ll send you a sample T1-T2 exam for free.  But you have to be a Subscriber (also free!), and you have to “Contact” us to request your exam.  How great is it to be a Subscriber?  Well, for starters, you don’t have to pay $40 for the sample exam — which is what you would pay from other, less-than-MOST, sites!

Second, if you are like the majority of test takers on May 19, it’s the math that gives you fits.  Our Water Math courses here at MOST are exactly what you need to prepare.  If you don’t want to take them in an online format, you can “Contact” us to request a DVD with all nine of our Water Math courses.  Your price: $100.  No shipping or handling.

We also have additional free resources for you here at MOST.  We have over 300 blog posts, most of which are dedicated to basic water science topics that you’ll see on the exam.  You can even “Search” the site for the topics of MOST interest to you.

And don’t forget our YouTube channel.  The short videos there present at least 30 questions and answers, many of which you are certain to encounter two weeks from today.

So stop procrastinating!  Take a couple hours this weekend to get going.  And let us help you here at MOST!

Our thanks today for the photo of Glen Canyon dam, courtesy Subscriber Mark and his aviator son.  Nice shot!  And from an angle most of us will never see!

23 Responses to Two Weeks Until Water Treatment Exam

  1. avatar Gabriel Portugal says:

    Great web site! Had a question about awwa exam water use efficiency practitioner. Will be taking exam soon and needed some study material on it. I just been searching for answers on internet. Any recommendations? Thanks for all you are doing .
    Gabe Portugal

    • avatar MOST says:

      Hi Gabe:
      Thanks for your comments on the MOST web site.
      For the AWWA water use efficiency exam, your best bet is to take a course from AWWA. The instructor in SoCal, Tim Wheeler, worked for me for several years in this area, and he puts on a great, two-day course. You can learn more about it at
      Unfortunately, I’m way behind in my treatment, quality, and distribution courses here at MOST, so it will be a while before I get some conservation courses up and running here. Sorry about that.
      Best of luck, and say hi to Tim for me!
      Steve McLean

  2. avatar Jose says:

    May 18th exam for T-1. Please forward the T-1 sample exam. Thank you.

  3. avatar Robert H says:

    I SUBSCRIBE TO “MOST” and wanted to see when I can get the free sample T1-T2 exam. Thanks

  4. avatar Noel says:

    T2 practice exam please! Thank you!

  5. avatar Raul says:

    I wanted to see when I can get the free sample T1-T2 exam. Thanks

  6. avatar Beau says:

    Does anybody have any practice exams for the California Stare Water Treatment exam?

  7. avatar Ken says:

    Can you email me the sample exam for T1? Thanks.

  8. avatar Steve says:

    I need to get the t2 practice test

  9. avatar Steve says:

    Would love a t2 practice test please

  10. avatar John Lee says:

    Hi Steve,

    Could you send over a T2 practice test? Thank you in advance.

  11. avatar Daniel Urena says:

    Danielle Urena
    Hi mr McLean I failed my d2 test once again I’m thankful for the study guide that you gave me you got anything else because there was a lot of more stuff on it that I feel I didn’t cover it gonna be 5 time taking the d2 I’m getting tire of flailing it if you could send me more stuff I will really appreciate thank you

  12. avatar Leo Becerra says:

    I need t1 water treatment sample test, I really need to pass I have a job if I pass, if I don’t I will not be hired, some please help me .i will be taking test in to weeks Nov 19 , 2016 thanks you

  13. avatar Joe says:

    Can you please send me a T2 test. Thank you

  14. avatar Brian L says:

    Hi, I was hoping to get a T1-T2 practice Exam. The exam is tomorrow!


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