Two Weeks Until Water Treatment Operator Certification Exam

Halloween is over and we’re into November.  And that means the Water Treatment Operator certification exam is right around the corner here in California — in fact, it is just two weeks from today!  If you’ve been doing a little studying to prepare, good for you.  You are extremely likely to pass if you are in that group!

If you haven’t started yet, it is still not too late.  But make sure you get a few hours in this weekend.  If water math is your trouble spot, please enroll in one or more of our online water math courses here at MOST.  Each one-hour course presents at least ten example problems, worked out step-by-step.  We go nice and slow, but if it’s not quite slow enough for you, remember that any course purchased at MOST can be replayed as many times as you like for one full year!

Check out our YouTube “Top Ten” exam question videos too.  They are an even better value than our Water Math courses — they’re free!  And so are our sample exams — if you are a Subscriber.

We are always especially busy in the last few weeks leading up to the certification exams, so please contact us early for any questions you may have — and then be patient in waiting for a reply.  The chances are good that we are in the classroom helping someone else out with the same problems that you are facing!

But there is no waiting for our online courses!  Go to right now!  Get in a couple of water math courses this weekend to help you prepare for the November 17 Water Treatment Operator certification exam.

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