Ununpentium: Number 115

Thanks to the bro-in-law for the following link, describing the synthesis of a new element, Ununpentium:
We realize that this is not that big a deal outside of Chemistry and perhaps some fans of “The Big Bang Theory.”  Although we do fall into those two categories here at MOST, of greater significance to Water folks is the number, 115.  That is the maximum possible score on all of the State of California’s Water Treatment Operator and Water Distribution Operator certification exams.
We know that you thought it was 100, but it’s not.  There are 100 questions, but not all the questions count for the same value.  There are 85 one-point questions, and 15 two-point questions.  If you do the math, you see that the maximum score is 115 points.
So what makes these two-point questions special?  They are the math questions.  So if you’re having difficulty with the math problems, this is not good news for you.
There is hope, however:  the MOST Water Math DVD.  With over ten hours of videos, all devoted to Water Math, and over 100 sample problems worked out step-by-step, this DVD could make the difference between getting 70 percent and 70 points on the State exam.  And if you can’t tell the difference between these two, you really, really need this DVD!  Just click on the “Contact” button above, and ask for it.  We’ll send you the order information.

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