Update, Including Water Storage

Today I want to update you on two items. First, we look at the water storage picture in the California State Water Project for the first time in two weeks. Today’s graph is the first update from the Department of Water Resources in two weeks. During the Winter and Spring, DWR folks are updating this every single week, but after July 1, the updates aren’t always so reliable. The reason is that this information is critical to establishing the “allocation” — the percentage of an agency’s water request that will be honored. As we have seen this season, the allocation has slowly increased from an initial 10% to the current — and likely final — allocation of 50%. Since it is likely the final allocation, keeping this graph updated is not as critical as it was prior to July 1.
The reason that the allocation is not likely to increase is seen in the now descending path of the graph: water storage is now decreasing in Lake Oroville. That’s typical for this time of year. However, if you look at each of the five years shown on the graph, you will notice that the decline started later this year than in any of the previous four years. That is a very healthy sign. And the reasons once again are the above average precipitation for the year, coupled with the late, cool Spring.
The second item to update is the advertising on this blog. No one has commented, so I am assuming no one has had a problem. I’m a little surprised, especially since I have seen so many Meg Whitman ads. I get a little political from time to time, but I am not going to endorse any candidates on this blog. You need to realize that Google — not me — decides what ads to place. They have told me that they will block any ads I request, so let me know if you come across an unscrupulous vendor, and I’ll pass it along to Google.

And the only way you can determine if a vendor is unscrupulous or not is by clicking on their ad. As I have mentioned before: no click, no cash! So I greatly appreciate you continuing to check out the ads on the site.

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