Vocabulary On The Certification Exam

Most people taking the Water Treatment and Distribution Operator exams are most concerned about the math problems.  We have addressed these here at MOST with our Water Math courses and several blog posts.  However, remember that 70 percent of the exam is non-math problems, so you will have to do even better on this part if you are to get your certification!  And the secret to these questions is vocabulary.

In this final week before the exam here in California, I will highlight the terms that seem to be the MOST popular.  And I’ll start with Evapotranspiration.  This is a combination of two terms, evaporation and transpiration.  Both of these denote a change from liquid water into water vapor.  However, evaporation is a physical process while transpiration is biological in nature.  Evapotranspiration also denotes a movement of water from the surface to the atmosphere.  And evapotranspiration is a critical term in water conservation these days too, denoting the amount of water “lost” by irrigation to the atmosphere.  The conservation folks have shortened it to “ET”, but it’s still the same evapotranspiration that we have always seen.  You can find more on this term and related ones in MOST Course WD-1, the Hydrologic Cycle.

Recarbonation is another term that shows up on the certification exams — and usually as a wrong answer!  Recarbonation is a process of adding carbon dioxide to the water.  This gas acts as an acid in the water, lowering the pH.  This is almost always done in conjunction with lime softening, as this process produces a water with a very high pH — so high that we can’t deliver it to our customers.  You could learn more about recarbonation in MOST Course WO-5 — but I haven’t finished it yet!  Stay tuned!  But you now know all you need to about recarbonation for the certification exam.

Time permitting, I’ll get a few more of the MOST common vocabulary terms posted in blogs this week.  Keep on studying, and make me proud on Saturday!

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  1. Mr. Mclean, I appreciate all the positve things you post in your blogs! Also the words of encouragement are greatly appreciated!! Thank you for all your support as a student to a mentor. I’ll do my best to be the best and make you proud!!!! WRB

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